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Wednesday, June 7, 2017

When You're Feeling Frustrated

A line from a Wordsworth poem keeps running through my head: The world is too much with us, early and late... 

I feel frustrated with how much the world pushes its way into my life sometimes. We live in a fairly rural area with a smallish population. No TV in our home. Relative peace. But still. We are in this modern world, with computers and internet and mobile phones. And somehow, the crap of this world just finds its way in. It does its best to bring me down. To depress me. To make me blue. After all, you can't check the news without finding out about another terrorist attack somewhere. It's easy to get overwhelmed. If we are not overwhelmed, we have become desensitised, and that's when we should really worry.

Still, it's draining to feel blue. What do we do to keep going and keep positive?

I think this is when we really have to take every thought captive to Christ, and to turn our way of thinking around. First, be grateful. Find gratitude in everything you possibly can. Praise and worship God. Love your family. Get out in nature and see God's beautiful work. Stop looking at social media. Definitely turn off the television. Be careful what you allow into your mind - it will stay there forever. Get moving - do some exercise, or better yet, dance. And keep thanking God for every breath you take.

I feel frustrated at the moment, but most things are things I cannot control. Time to let them go and not worry about them. 

Trying to turn my blue feelings into blue flowers and beautiful thoughts. 

Stay positive and be strong in the Lord!
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