Welcome to Lamb Cottage. It's a real place, and this is where I live with my dear husband. We even have lambs. This is a personal blog, especially concerning life as an American expat in Scotland, life as an over-50, life with lambs, and life as an Orthodox Christian. You're most welcome to come and visit awhile. I hope we can be friends!

Thursday, August 31, 2017

Too Darned Much

Last night, I realised that I just had TOO MUCH extraneous stuff in my head (and life). Part of that included trying to do too much in the blog world. So, I need to be ruthless and cut some things out. 

I have removed my Orthodox Stitcher blog -- I cannot keep up with it right now, and am not currently designing, so out it goes! 

I have also removed my BodyMindSpirit blog. Yes, I am still on a healing journey, but really, I am NOT an expert, and this is simply my own personal journey. I wish health and happiness to anyone who was reading it, and encourage you to find your own way. God has wired us each to have the ability to travel these healing journeys and repair ourselves -- on our own. We don't need anything but to be connected to God and to open ourselves up in ways that will remove any blockages and negativity. Blessings to you who are healing!

Awhile ago I wrote my last post for The Daily Doodle blog, as well. The lambs are all well, so you may see them from time to time on this blog.

My internet writing world now consists of this blog and my stitching blog. That is all. And what a relief to just let go of some things.

There is a lesson for me (and for others?) in this.  The internet is seductive, and can be very time wasting. And you can suddenly find yourself overwhelmed with having taken on too much. The other thing is: the internet has created a whole culture of pseudo-experts. As if everything everybody says is valuable and necessary to our lives. Well, it's not. Everyone is talking just TOO DARNED MUCH, and most of it is drivel. We all need to let go of how much time we spend online, how much scrolling we do on Facebook and other types of social media, and how much sage advice we THINK we have to pass on to the world on our blogs. Let it go! It is a waste of time and it is a delusion for us to think we are so fabulous that the world can't live without hearing from us on a regular basis.

I enjoy writing and stitching, so I am going to keep up my two little blogs -- but they are purely personal with no pretension towards wisdom and advice. If you enjoy reading them, I'm glad. It's okay, too, if you'd rather not.

Many blessings and great joy to everyone!
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Monday, June 12, 2017

Martin's Chrismation

It is with joy that we welcome Martin into the Holy Orthodox Church. It was wonderful to witness his Chrismation on Saturday.

When I was received into the Church, along with my husband (who was standing as Martin's God-parent!), I was filled with joy. And life was never the same again. It was so much MORE, and, truth be told, a lot harder - but worth it.

Many blessings and many years for Martin!
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Friday, June 9, 2017

Around the Cottage Today

It's a dreich day in Scotland. At least, where we live it is. Wet, grey, dark, windy, cold, dreary. Ah, June in Scotland! Of course, it could all be different tomorrow (here's hoping).

Today I am busy with homemaking tasks. This is somewhat hampered by my inability to eat and drink properly. I'd like to be making a lovely homemade dinner to share with my husband, but I am, instead, drinking my food in the form of juice and smoothies, and considering what to make my husband for dinner. This is one of the times when my healing journey is frustrating and I am impatient.

Also today I plan on doing some stitching. I have many projects on the go, and lots more lined up that I would like to be doing soon. 

My days are much different now that I am working on my own healing. A lot of time is taken up with careful nutrition, careful exercise, reading, energy work, meditation, and prayer. It's a full-time job spurring myself on, motivating myself, staying positive and hopeful. And when the weather is like this, it's doubly hard. Last week I was soaking up the sun and warmth. Life looked much cheerier then. 

Yesterday was a General Election for the UK. Apparently, there was a lot of upset as many people lost their seats and others gained who were not expected to. There is, at the moment, a Hung Parliament. It will be interesting to watch. Happily, though, the candidate we voted for and hoped would win the MP seat for our district DID win. Congrats to Jamie Stone!

Tomorrow there is a Liturgy in Inverness. We are going, and I am both looking forward to it and worrying about how I will feel and handle it. Going out is very difficult for me right now - just the whole energy involved and needing to consider hydration and nourishment all. the. time. We especially want to go because of the obvious: Confession and Communion. But we also want, and need to go, because someone is going to be Chrismated and received into the Church. This is always a glorious time and cause for celebration. My husband is god-parent for this man, as well. 

Our own Chrismation and reception was only two and a half years ago. The journey to reach that point was long and arduous. The journey since has been even more so! But also wonderful. Life definitely changes.

So, today is a day of housework, healing work, and preparation for tomorrow. 

Unlike a lot of blogs out there, I am not writing to show you how fabulous I am, how much I know and what an expert I am, how wonderful my life is, how perfect my home is, or what a great Christian leader I am. All the "how to have a perfect blog" articles out there tell us we have to do this, this, and this in order to be a great blogging success. I think I break all the rules. Sometimes I ruminate on this and wonder what I could do better. But then I realise, this blog is what it is, and my life is just as valid and meaningful as those who have wildly successful blogs. 

One thing all my blogs are: authentic. I really can't offer much more than that. If zillions of people suddenly find and read and love my blogs, great. If not, that's okay, too. 

If anyone is reading today, I hope this blog and my others bless you and encourage you, even in a tiny way.

Stay strong in the Lord!
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Thursday, June 8, 2017

Talking About Healing

UPDATE:  See THIS POST for more information, and where this other blog went.

Please remember to visit my blog all about healing, especially if you are working through an autoimmune disorder or Myasthenia Gravis:

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Wednesday, June 7, 2017

When You're Feeling Frustrated

A line from a Wordsworth poem keeps running through my head: The world is too much with us, early and late... 

I feel frustrated with how much the world pushes its way into my life sometimes. We live in a fairly rural area with a smallish population. No TV in our home. Relative peace. But still. We are in this modern world, with computers and internet and mobile phones. And somehow, the crap of this world just finds its way in. It does its best to bring me down. To depress me. To make me blue. After all, you can't check the news without finding out about another terrorist attack somewhere. It's easy to get overwhelmed. If we are not overwhelmed, we have become desensitised, and that's when we should really worry.

Still, it's draining to feel blue. What do we do to keep going and keep positive?

I think this is when we really have to take every thought captive to Christ, and to turn our way of thinking around. First, be grateful. Find gratitude in everything you possibly can. Praise and worship God. Love your family. Get out in nature and see God's beautiful work. Stop looking at social media. Definitely turn off the television. Be careful what you allow into your mind - it will stay there forever. Get moving - do some exercise, or better yet, dance. And keep thanking God for every breath you take.

I feel frustrated at the moment, but most things are things I cannot control. Time to let them go and not worry about them. 

Trying to turn my blue feelings into blue flowers and beautiful thoughts. 

Stay positive and be strong in the Lord!
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Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Vegetable Head

So...remember this painting by Guiseppe Arcimboldo? I can't remember where I first saw it, but I was quite young, and my initial reaction was EEEWWWW.

Now, I am him. I have begun a juice fast as I progress on my healing journey. Here's the thing: I haven't been able to eat solids for, well, most of this year so far. So I figured I might as well up the stakes and go for broke with the healthy eating. I definitely believe in food as medicine, and since I can't eat well currently, a juice fast seemed like the logical choice. The juicer is getting a workout, and I remain amazed at how many fruits and vegetables I am going through in a day. Yesterday, for example, I juiced:  11 carrots, 4 apples, 2 oranges, 1 lemon, 2 large handfuls of spinach, 1 large cup of strawberries, a thumb of ginger root, and an entire avocado. Add to that some pure beet and pure orange juice, and plenty of water. And several trips to the bathroom!

The thing is, although I am not back to normal with chewing / swallowing / talking, the rest of me is feeling better than I have in YEARS. Seriously. It's amazing. If I can do it, with all my current stumbling blocks, then anyone can. Yes, sometimes I get a craving for a cheeseburger, but the cravings are becoming fewer and farther between. Someday I will have the occasional burger or hotdog, but my goal is to eat super healthy for the rest of my life. I feel the difference and I'm sold!

NOTE: I have started another blog about my healing journey and Myasthenia Gravis. The link is up with the tabs on this page. If you are on a healing journey or searching for healthy alternatives, or if you just want to know what's going on with my healing, I hope you will join me there!
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Monday, June 5, 2017

Feeling Pretty Good

It is late spring here in Scotland. I think. The seasons run a little late here, but at the same time, the days are already long and bright. Lovely! The weather is, as usual, a bit of everything. Today it is dull and soft and wet and grey. A bit cool. A few days ago, it was quite warm and bright and sunny. Everything is blooming, so it's beautiful to see. And yes, the woods are carpeted with bluebells.

The daffodils and snowdrops, crocus and tulips, are long gone. The cherry trees are done blossoming. The apple trees still have some flowers. There are forget-me-nots everywhere. And daisies.

A person comes to life with all this growth around her. The lambs are growing like crazy, already quite big!

I am growing like crazy, too: learning and changing and growing. 

I feel quite good at the moment. There is a lot to say about this MG (Myasthenia Gravis) and how I, personally, am dealing with it...and healing from it. I think I will link to a separate place for updates and info on my own healing journey. It's not that I think I am a healing guru, not by any means. But maybe something I share might be of some little help for others who have MG. I want to say: I am completely drug free -- no pharmaceuticals at all. If you are like me, and you want to heal from within, and not rely on harmful drugs which only mask symptoms, and even those, not very well, then maybe my journey will help you. I will post a link soon. 

Meanwhile, take this day to slow down, be grateful, enjoy life. Whatever you do, find something to be grateful for. Take time to pray. Meditate. Listen. Look at whatever beauty you can find around you. Control your own mind, and follow your intuition.

If at all possible, get outside and into nature. Put your bare feet on God's ground. In the sand or grass. Rest your palms on the earth. Be thankful.

In everything give thanks, for this is the will of Christ Jesus concerning you.
1 Thess 5:18
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Monday, April 24, 2017

Pretty Much Sums It Up

Would you believe this has been our weather today? Yes, all of these things. Right at this moment, mid-afternoon, it is slightly breezy but much calmer than it was; sunny but with more clouds building; cold, but not as cold as it was; dry but looking like it will be wetter again shortly. We had quite a lot of snow, but fortunately, none of it stuck where we are. This is especially good considering how many baby lambs are in the fields. 

Today's weather is exactly like life with MG. You can experience everything in one day. This makes it very difficult to plan, or even to begin or complete a task. 

This past week has been another trial. On Saturday, though, I felt pretty darn good. So, I overdid it. Then on Sunday, I felt pretty darn worn out. Didn't get enough good sleep. Struggled to get all the nourishment I needed. Fell right apart by evening.

NOTE TO SELF: It is easy to become stressed and fatigued, which makes me an emotional wreck, which makes life even more difficult for me and for My Husband. Stress and fatigue. They are the key players here for wrecking any progress.

Today has been slow in getting off the ground, but I was finally able to eat a bit and get my supplements down. I'm hoping to do a few small things before the day is done: making up my homemade toiletries (I am running out of some things), stitching, organising things in our prayer corner.

So, the lessons for today (so far) are these:
  • Life is very unpredictable for people with MG
  • Be grateful and thank God for every good thing...no, for EVERY thing
  • Love your loved ones well
  • Be kind to everyone
  • Do NOT stress over every little thing

Whilst the tomb was sealed, Thou, O Life, didst shine forth from the grave, O Christ God; and whilst the doors were shut, Thou didst come unto Thy disciples, O Resurrection of all, renewing through them an upright Spirit in us according to Thy great mercy.
Resurrectional Apolytikion

Yesterday was both Thomas Sunday and the Feast of St George. A double whammy! St Thomas is the patron saint of our household. Like human beings, he wrestled with doubt; but when he saw (and we can see with the eyes of our hearts) he was quick to say:  My Lord, and my God!

Liberator of captives, defender of the poor, physician of the sick, and champion of kings, O trophy-bearer, Great Martyr George, intercede with Christ God that our souls be saved.
Apolytikion of Great Martyr George

Lord have mercy upon us and save us! Be strong in the Lord!

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Wednesday, April 19, 2017

JOY Amidst Suffering

I am not good at this. I'm working on it. I believe it is vital. Joy is paramount to living our lives fully and truthfully as Christians. And, it is an integral part of our healing and working to correct the illnesses in our bodies.

Yesterday was a particularly bad day for me. I am having a seriously bad flare up of MG, and last night my breathing was quite laboured. I get so angry when I struggle like this - and yet, I know anger is NOT the answer. Joy is. My dear priest has told me to pray:  Thank you, Lord Jesus. Thank you. A simple and most beautiful prayer. And oh so hard to pray when you are suffering. But that's the paradoxical thing about our Christian faith, and about healing in the Light of God: Glory to God for all things.

So, I dragged myself to bed with the hastiest of ablutions. My Dear Husband put the house to bed, and helped to calm me by praying over me and rubbing my chest. Eventually, I was able to get some rest - sleeping in a nearly sitting up position because of all the phlegm that accompanies a flare up like this.

BUT...I woke up! I may have slept late. I may be pretty much keeping to my bed today, but I'm still here. Life is indeed a gift. 

Fear of death consumes all joy.

An article I read today was so timely for me: it spoke about how we let fear (especially fear of death) and worry and anxiety create a barrier between ourselves and God. The author said "fear of death is like the background of life...This fear of death consumes all joy; it consumes the satisfaction with one's life, the joy of love, the joy of parenthood, the joy of creative success, and the joy of prayer." Startling thought, isn't it? But true. I have experienced it in my own life, on a regular basis, and seen it in the lives of those around me.

The writer goes on to say that Christians should be filled with joy, because Christ came and conquered death. For the Christian, there is no death. And if we are carrying guilt, there is confession. We confess, we repent, we commune. Still, a lot of us struggle with finding and holding joy in our hearts. The kicker was this: "Could it be a lack of faith in the most important, in the very victory over death?"

If Christ is not raised, our faith is in vain.

I think it comes down to this: we know in our heads what we believe, but we have not translated this to our hearts, to our very marrow, our complete existence.

Have you ever met a really, truly Christian person? He or she is filled with joy and radiates peace. It is amazing. I want to be that way.

And, I want to be that way IN my struggle with Myasthenia Gravis and all its horribleness. I want my trust to be in God alone.

I have joined a few Facebook groups pertaining to this illness. I have read a LOT about it. One thing that strikes me and makes me very uncomfortable: for the most part, everything I have read is completely rooted in Western conventional medicine. There is this assumption that there is nothing else. Nothing more. No alternative, or perhaps better to say, NON-Western medicine. That somehow what we have in our current healthcare systems here in the west is the be all and end all of medicine. I refuse to accept that. And I have so far found NO ONE who is talking about beating this illness from a Christian perspective. If I try to do this without Christ, I am lost. 

One of our priests said to me recently, words to this effect: There is more than conventional medicine. God works in ALL things. This illness is teaching you something. There are things needing fixed that are not only physical. And in the end, don't worry or be anxious. Just don't worry about it. You are in God's hands.

That is far better advice than anything I have heard from a doctor. The doctors here see only test results and symptoms. That is what they treat. They go no farther.

I will go farther, with Christ. I will work as hard as I am able to do what it right for my body, mind, heart, AND soul. I will give thanks in everything. And all of it is in God's hands.

Stay strong in the Lord!
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Monday, April 17, 2017

Christ is Risen!

Truly He is Risen!

It is a challenge I have never faced before: celebrating Pascha and seeking to be joyful when I feel so unwell. I am facing it, though. God, in His mercy, will see me through.

We never went to Skye. Well, we did, but then turned right around and came home. A very long day, to say the least. The place we had rented for the week turned out to be an absolute DUMP. The owners were rude and difficult. We had to fight to get a paltry 25% refunded for the whole week that we DIDN'T stay. I have many bad feelings about the whole thing, and am especially amazed at how greedy and heartless people are. In case you are wondering, we were meant to stay at The Captain's House in Stein, Skye. I have no compunction about mentioning this because I would hate for anyone else to drive all the way there, only to be faced with a dirty, dingy, dump of a house. There are many lovely places to rent on Skye - don't choose this one!

So, Holy Week at home was quiet, often peaceful, sometimes a trial, mostly a challenge. My Dear Husband needed a break, but at least he was able to have some rest. He also went fishing twice, and we ate a wonderful rainbow trout for dinner twice! We managed to make it to the Service of Anointing in Inverness on Great and Holy Wednesday. It was lovely and well worth the effort.

The MG has been kicking my butt. I'm fighting back. Two priests in our Church have talked to me, prayed over me, given me renewed determination and strength. I have readjusted my supplement schedule, and am forcing myself to eat something solid every day, hoping my muscles will adapt and not forget how to chew and swallow.

It is Bright Week! I get up and face each day with hope, a goal, a plan, and a Risen Saviour.

Be strong in the Lord!
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Sunday, April 9, 2017

Palms and Pussywillows

In Heaven, He is seated upon a Throne and on earth He rides upon a foal. O Christ our God, accept the praise of the Angels and the hymn of the Children who cry out to You, "Blessed are You who comes to recall Adam."
Seasonal Kontakion

This has been the most unusual Lent I have ever experienced. We are in Holy Week already. The time has flown. The physical food fast was nothing to me as I was suddenly plunged into an illness that is making eating nearly impossible. I could easily refrain from eating meat, fish, dairy, wine. I could barely get enough calories each day. I am still at this point. Twenty-one days into my treatment through diet, lifestyle, and environment changes, along with the addition of supplements. I have certainly been focused on God this Lent, though much of it in prayer for healing. I have thought about all the good Churchly things I have been missing. Watched the feasts and fasts pass me by. Surrounded myself with more icons, since our Church is predominantly our home (we are living far from an Orthodox Church). This Lent has indeed been a desert for me. Also, I have realised, again, how little I can do on my own and how absolutely everything comes from God. Lord, have mercy!

I love this photo from an Orthodox Palm Sunday Liturgy with Patriarch Kirill. How glorious it must be to attend something like this. One day!

In the northern Highlands, the weather is both springlike and cold. The snowdrops and crocuses have come and gone. The daffodils are everywhere. The sky is often grey, but when the sun shines, it is lovely. Most days are fairly windy. I have seen no palms (although they do grow in the more temperate regions) or pussy-willows, but I have them in my heart and mind. 

Holy Week is upon us, and I will be in a remote area, far from an Orthodox Church. This year, I will be meditating on each day of the Week, reading the services and Scriptures, thinking about the meaning of it all. Little comprehending. Just my Husband and I, but still awaiting the glorious Resurrection.

Pray for us!
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Saturday, April 8, 2017

Lazarus Saturday: God Has Helped

Oh Christ our God, before Your Passion, You raised Lazarus from the dead to confirm the common Resurrection for all. Therefore, we carry the symbols of victory as did the youths, and we cry out to You, the victor over death, "Hosanna in the highest. Blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord.
Apolytikion Lazarus Saturday

More sorrowful joy as we draw near to Holy Week and the Lord's Passion. How I wish I were in a big Orthodox Church somewhere, but it is not possible for me this year. 

A positive thing: our dear Priest is coming to our home today, to bring me Communion. I am so grateful. The "medicine of immortality".

This evening will be packing for our week away. I am determined to pack as light as possible and not take loads of clothing. We won't be going out to dinner or anywhere requiring dressy clothing. It is to be a week of rest and quiet. Of course, being Scotland, the weather could do anything. Judging by the last couple days, I'm thinking sweaters and jeans, mostly. Wellies and wax jackets. A good scarf. Earmuffs. Raincoats. Warm jammies. 

I am both excited to go -- desperately needing a change of scenery, and a reminder of the beautiful Scottish outdoors; and also nervous because of how unwell I am. I am worried I won't be able to handle the travel, or be comfortable for a week in a strange environment. Hoping for the best, however. And I am blessed with a Husband who almost always has a very optimistic outlook, so that will help.

Keep fighting. Stay strong in the Lord. Trust God!
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Friday, April 7, 2017


I am really unwell. We had planned to be in Edinburgh for Holy Week, and at the Church for the whole of Easter weekend. Can't do it. I could never handle the crowds, public transit, standing in Church for hours, etc. I don't have the strength or energy right now. And my poor dear Husband desperately needs a break. So...

He is taking me to Skye for a week -- way up North in the Trotternish peninsula. Someplace that is peaceful, restful, quiet. Lots of fresh air, and the sea. Hopefully my husband will get some good fishing in, as well.

The plan: head up on Palm Sunday. Once there: rest, rest, rest. Reading and stitching and praying are my goals. 

Someone said there was good shelling! Being a Florida girl, I love looking for shells. 

Hoping and praying this wee break will help in leading my back to health, and will rejuvenate my hard-working husband.

God bless. Don't despair. Stay strong!
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Thursday, April 6, 2017

I Just Realized...

I am too impatient. Well, this is not news to me, but in this case... it is. I have actually only been treating myself holistically and through nutrition and supplements for a total of 19 days. No wonder I am not running laps yet. It has felt like so much longer, but really, it's not! 

This right here is what my eating looks like these days, plus various powders: Purition "meal replacement shake", pea and brown rice protein powder, spirulina powder, green stevia powder. Supplemented with Ensure and another MR shake when needed.


Do not despair. Stay strong! God bless.
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Monday, April 3, 2017

A Rough Week

I am struggling - on all fronts: prayer life, liturgical life, home life, relationships, this illness (or complex of illnesses). I am fighting the demons of despair. I am struggling to get nourishment. I am struggling to have a life beyond the daily drudge of medical this and that / therapies / supplements / monitoring health and nourishment. I am weary. I am asking "Where is God?" but I know He is there.

Pray for me, a sinner.
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Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Major Smoothie Fail, Bad Days, and Another Option

My "mint chocolate" green smoothie was...well...repulsive. I mean truly. It tasted like something spit out of the back end of a lawn mower. My husband said it looked and tasted like silage (you know, what they feed cows -- fermented grass and such). I don't think he's actually tasted silage! But if he had, that's probably what it tastes like. I think the mint was overkill. And cacao nibs, while a great alternative to processed chocolate, just do NOT go well with kale, spinach, and mint. BLECH!

I want to talk about bad days. Anyone dealing with a heavy-duty chronic illness has BAD DAYS. Seriously BAD. I had one over the weekend. Major meltdown. Emotions completely and totally out of control. Despair. Physically feeling unwell. And...this came right on the heels of a pretty darned good day. Two, in fact. I thank God for a loving, and VERY forbearing husband.

The thing is: while we are working to heal, this means ALL our bodily systems are changing and adjusting. The thing here is to strive for balance. And so, it's no surprise if our emotions are out of whack. They are out of balance, too. This is what we have to remember when the bad days hit. I learned a LOT from this day, and hopefully I won't have another one quite so bad.

I am going to recommend a book and a method shortly...not just for MG, but for anyone who is chronically ill, or just not right. Not ill exactly, but definitely not well.

Meanwhile, here is a no-fail smoothie for when you need to get some nutrients in, but just don't have the desire to be creative with the blender. I don't recommend this on a daily basis, because we don't want to eat too much pre-packaged stuff. But I do keep Ensure, and a store brand "meal replacement shake" on hand for when I NEED to get some food in. Ensure is 335 calories; the store brand is 200. For this smoothie, I used:
  • 1 serving of chocolate "meal replacement shake" (200 cals)
  • 1 banana
  • 4 oz coconut milk
  • a handful of blueberries
  • a sprinkle of ground linseed
  • a few ice cubes
It blended up beautifully, made slightly more than a serving (so I could refuel a bit later in the day), and tasted good! BONUS!

I made this smoothie for the nutrients and the convenience. I took to my bed today after my erratic and flat out BAD day yesterday. 

Tomorrow, back to a green smoothie -- hopefully better than the last one!

Stay strong. Stay focused. Stay hopeful. Trust God.

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Sunday, March 26, 2017


Joy and Hope.
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Sunday of St John Climacus

Ladder of Divine Ascent Icon
St Catherine's Monastery

With the rivers of your tears, you have made the barren desert fertile. Through sighs of sorrow from deep within you, your labors have borne fruit a hundred-fold. By your miracles you have become a light, shining upon the world. O Joh, our Holy Father, pray to Christ our God, save our souls.

I am not even on the first rung.  Lord, have mercy!
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Blessed Feast of the Annunciation

Today is the beginning of our salvation,
and the revelation of the mystery ordained from eternity.
Orthodox Hymn for Annunciation

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Saturday, March 25, 2017

A Little Upswing

Keep drinking those smoothies, folks! Especially if eating and swallowing are hard for you. I alternate each day between a green smoothie and a berry / fruit smoothie.

Yesterday I had a berry smoothie, and I needed the whole thing to get my 22 supplements down! BUT... I felt better after having my smoothie and taking my supplements. I think two things really contributed: I started taking B vitamins (complex) under the tongue; and I took a chelated manganese supplement. The sublingual liquid was NOT pleasant, but absorbs quickly, and I followed it with a swig of smoothie. The chelated manganese is a tiny pill, so no problem.


My dear husband forgot to bring home bananas last night, so I haven't had my smoothie yet today. As an aside: I am not a fan of bananas. I never ate them before. I just don't like the texture or taste. Well, now I eat a banana every single day. It is a staple in whatever kind of smoothie I am making. So, BONUS!

Today, I am going to try making a mint chocolate green smoothie. I will let you know how that works out.

There are loads of smoothie recipes on the internet, and tons of clean eating and smoothie recipe books. We might as well have fun with them and experiment if we have to eat this way. I am finding that I am adapting more and more to clean eating, and I am looking forward to being able to eat things UNBLENDED. Meanwhile, I will plug away. 

Be hopeful. Be optimistic. Have faith in God.

Blessed Feast of the Annunciation!
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Friday, March 24, 2017


So, I have started taking a TON of supplements. This is the result of my research and reading. It is early days yet, so I have no idea if they are working. When you decide to go the holistic, all-natural route, you have to decide to be patient, as well. Nothing is a quick fix. This is very hard for me, and yes, I get very frustrated and sometimes despondent. 

Because of the Omeprazole disaster (I have yet to write about this), and the fact that my whole autoimmune system is haywire, my body has not been absorbing nutrients properly. I am trying to help it along with a boost. I will do a further post which details why I am taking each supplement, and how much I am taking (less rather than more, in most cases).

First thing in the morning, I am taking two capsules of Quercetin and Bromelain (combined)...on an empty stomach and with water. I have only just started this, so nothing to report.

This was my little dish of supplements as of yesterday. Today, I received two more in the mail, and I am going to be taking B vitamins sublingually to start, to help absorption. I take what you see above with my smoothie (green or fruit). The tablets and capsules go down much better with the smoothie than with plain water. 

It is important to understand (and for me to remind myself): I am not trying to quickly alleviate symptoms (although that would be good) or mask them. I am working to get to the root of the problem and to cure it, and at the very least, send it into remission for the next 20 years. People have done this, and I plan to be one of them. The supplements and smoothies are only two small therapies I am using to keep myself nourished and to work on clearing this disease out of my system.

Stay tuned for more things I am doing, and how they are working for me. Again, it is early yet, so it will take time for positive results to manifest. We must keep positive and faithful. Trust in God. Do what we can. Keep calm.

God bless!

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