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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Little Rituals: Bedtime Music

One of the things that is given in our household is the presence of little rituals.  Both my Dear Husband and I believe that a happy home life can be found in the little things.  We have lots of little rituals that we adhere to, to a greater or lesser degree:  how we do meals, especially dinner; how we do prayers together; the observances of holidays and holy days; and lots of other little things that we can count on pretty much every day.

Something that we've recently started is playing specific songs as we get ready for bed.  To me, this is one of the wonderful things about technology:  searching tens of thousands of songs and creating your own playlists.  Our nighttime / bedtime playlists include 3 or 4 songs.  The list gets changed whenever we feel like it.  Sometimes it plays through only once; sometimes we set it on repeat. Sometimes it plays before prayers, sometimes after.  But it is a ritual we use to unwind from the day and set our hearts and thoughts on good things.

I try to include an old-fashioned song, a lullaby-type song, a beautiful choral song, and a hymn. Here's a sample:

  • Home Sweet Home Waltz (Henry Bishop) -- I cannot find a YouTube video of this or any decent recording, really.  I am using a free download I got from HERE.
  • When You Wish Upon a Star (my favorite version is the Linda Ronstadt / Nelson Riddle Orchestra recording)

  • This Marriage (the Eric Whitacre choral piece)
  • Come, Bless the Lord (Orthodox Hymn)
Again, no YouTube video for the glorious hymn.  So, go HERE, and click on Track 25, and be uplifted!  You can purchase the whole track as a download from Amazon.com or Amazon.co.uk. I never grow tired of this hymn.

I have fun choosing the pieces; my husband loves to share in whatever I have come up with.  We both really enjoy having our special songs for the end of the night.  

I'm working on Morning songs, too.  It's a little harder because our mornings are very early, and my Dear Husband is out the door in a hurry.  But I've got some ideas...

I would love to hear your little rituals in the home.!

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Monday, July 28, 2014

Beginning, Again

Things are not normal here yet, but I'm trying each day to add back a little something to make life move a little more smoothly.  HA!  As if I have any control over it.  It's just a little illusion of security that I like to attempt.  I'm an organizer, and trying to control life is one of my issues.  And it is with thanks that I acknowledge God as the Controller.  I'm just playing at it!

Part of what keeps me from posting regularly on here is the knowledge that what I have to say is not all that interesting, and probably even less so if you're not me or my husband.  I'm trying to overcome this.  Everybody and their brother has at least one blog, so why not I?

AND... (and this might be refreshing these days), I am NOT an expert at anything, nor do I claim to be.  Read this blog at your own risk!

So, here is where I'm starting.  I have stumbled across this site / blog which offers monthly writing prompts, free to use as you choose.  This is the Write Now woman.  I'm probably the last person ever to find her website and blog.  These are the prompts for August, and I'm going to attempt them:

Yes, I know I attempted a daily project once before (a daily photo challenge).  But this doesn't require a good camera!  And, it looked interesting.  It's worth a try, anyway.  Why don't you join me?

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