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Thursday, June 12, 2014

Very Slowly

Okay, so I'm not coming back very quickly.  I have okay days, and very NOT okay days.  I have given in.  I'm going to the doctor on the 17th.

Meanwhile, a few odds and ends kinds of thoughts...  I am trying to fill my heart and mind with lovely, pure thoughts.  This is not always easy in a troubled world, and when things go awry, as they so often do.  I guess I'm trying to count my blessings.  I have loads, I know!

This lovely graphic was available on Little Birdie Blessings (see sidebar link).  This is a wonderful blog, worth a long, comfy visit!

Another thing that is a blessing and which I am enjoying immensely is downloading and reading wonderful old books from Gutenberg.org.  I have mentioned this before.  This site is a treasure trove. At the moment I am thoroughly immersed in the lovely books of Laura Elizabeth Hope Richards.  I have read the whole Margaret series, The Merryweathers, and am now happily immersed in the Hildegarde series.  I cannot recommend this highly enough!  And, I have downloaded absolute loads of old classics, literature, and young people's stories that I should have read by now.

Laura Elizabeth Hope Richards

And, I have been listening to the most wonderful classical music.  I have always been a fan of much of classical music, but sometimes, when I am in a trying period in my life, I don't listen to music.  I find it too painful.  But I have forced myself to listen to beautiful music, even if it makes me cry.  The Church Fathers say there is no salvation without tears, anyway.  Well, I've plenty of tears!  Some of my favorite composers:  Aaron Copeland, Edward MacDowell, Mahler (it seems you either love or hate Mahler -- I don't know why!), Gabriel Faure, Elgar, Samuel Barber, Ralph Vaughn Williams, and oh, lots of others.  I love choral music, too.  And of course the biggies:  Mozart, Handel, Beethoven, etc. Such a lot to choose from.  And opera!  I love opera, especially Puccini.  

Image taken from Google Images

I also love ballet.  And art ~ classic art styles.  Definitely NOT modern art or abstract.  I just don't get it, I guess.  I sometimes think I am an old curmudgeon, and I do not understand how things like blobs and swashes and dots, and graffiti, can be art.  I absolutely abhor things like Banksy and things like wrapping an island or a tree or whatever.  Also, I do NOT like the recent trend in cities to have something absurd placed all over the city and painted garishly by modern "artists" -- like cows and pigs and clowns and whatever.  Lambs made out of bananas.  Pianos.  You know what I mean.  And well, I guess I'm entitled to my opinion!

Photo of the Russian Ballet, taken from a Facebook Page about Russia

So... I am plodding along, but trying to keep positive, keep in prayer, keep reading and listening and looking at lovely things, doing a little stitching (just for myself at the moment -- my needlework business is sitting on hold till I have some more energy), getting outside and caring for our little flock.


Baby Snowball enjoying a scritch from Dad

And, I am happy to say that my Dear Husband is liking his new job.  It is quite a change for us, with completely different hours, and a commute.  We are still adjusting.  Fortunately, he is adjusting much better than I!  I will catch up, eventually.

A thing to look forward to:  My sister and her husband are coming from Florida to visit us!!  I have not seen them since 2010.  They are coming in November, of all months (!), but I can't wait!

Finally, I just wonder... I see so many absolutely wonderful blogs by women.  How do they do it? How do they have the time, the energy, and the material?  I am so impressed.  I hope I can one day get my blog up to speed.  Meanwhile, I hope you all are well and happy.  May God richly bless us all (and He does)!

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