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Monday, April 14, 2014

Till We Rejoice...

I am taking a break until after Pascha.  I wish you all a meaningful and special Great Week, and a blessed and joyous Pascha!

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Saturday, April 12, 2014

Lazarus Saturday

It is Lazarus Saturday.  My dear husband is at work, and we long to be in the church.  Sigh.  Hopefully this time next year, God willing.

We made it through Great Lent:  and we learned how very weak we are.  We sorrowed and struggled and failed a great deal.  And God loved us through it.  

Now, on this Saturday, when the Church commemorates the resurrection of Lazarus (about which there are many excellent commentaries on lots of good Orthodox blogs), we transition from the period of Great Lent into Great Week, or Holy Week.  Two feast days come in between:  Lazarus Saturday and Palm Sunday.  And so, we are on our way up to Jerusalem with our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. It's awe-inspiring and frightening and glorious, all at once.  

NOTE:  I took all of these photos from a beautiful Orthodox blog called Orthodox Way of Life.

This week coming is the center upon which all of the Orthodox Church and lives of the faithful revolve.  We are eagerly waiting for the Paschal Light.

The thing which is most appealing and most difficult about becoming Orthodox:  it is completely and totally counter to the culture of this world.  This is a good and beautiful thing.  It is sometimes hard when you are not wrapped in the arms of the Church and don't have that support.  But it is coming. God's timing, not ours.

Meanwhile:  PRAY!

Glory to God!

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Friday, April 4, 2014

Holy Week Special Edition Of Orthodoxy Live - Ancient Faith Radio

Holy Week Special Edition Of Orthodoxy Live - Ancient Faith Radio

Okay... attempting to turn positive again.  This podcast from Ancient Faith Radio is a 2-part series about Holy Week and Pascha.  It is EXCELLENT!  I can't recommend it enough.  I'm going to listen to it again.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Wanton Destruction

Are you going to tell me there was no other way to clear out a SMALL drainage ditch than with a HUGE digger?  And that the digger had to rip everything out in its path (I should say, the MAN driving the digger)?  What is it with men who feel the need to destroy everything they touch?  If they can't destroy it physically, they'll destroy it mentally or emotionally.  There are a lot of women out there who will attest to this.

I think the following photos speak for themselves.  It is absolutely heartbreaking to see the huge path of wanton destruction that this "person" has left...all because he was behind the controls of some stupid piece of machinery... machinery which was way too big for this job and totally inappropriate.

For those of you who think the Highlands of Scotland are peaceful, untouched, and beautiful...think again.  You have to get away from the people to find anything like that.  And chances are, nowadays, you will be faced with some big, ugly, INEFFICIENT windmill.

This is obviously the work of someone who (a) has no concept of God, and so (b) thinks he can do whatever he wants with God's creation.

How sad is it to see our one lamb, on the right, staring into the ditch below?  There used to be a little wood all along here, and we often got our water for our lambs from this ditch (which we were told was a burn [creek] when we brought our lambs here).  Now, the water is filthy and putrid, and we are having to carry water from home every day. 

Do NOT talk to me about people in the UK or Scotland being "green".  In fact, don't be surprised if you see a few more photos of all the trash and torn up land around here.  It's time someone said something.

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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Random Thoughts on a Bad Monday

Where is everyone, and why can they not EVER return emails and phone calls?  Is this a British thing? I don't get it.

Why I struggle with certain kinds of farmers and landowners:  We go out to our lambs' field today and what do we see?  A huge digger, not just clearing out the drainage ditch, but ripping through all the trees and shrubs and God's own beauty, completely wantonly and with no care for anything or anyone, especially the animals and plants.  So much for wildlife habitat.  So much for green space.  So much for a sheltered field for our lambs.  And this crazy country thinks it's so green?  Give me a break. There's trash all over the roadsides.  I have witnessed people umpteen times tossing their beer bottles and soda bottles and IrnBru bottles out the car windows.  There are ugly windmills dotted everywhere because every farmer from here to kingdom-come gets a payout from the government if they stick up another eyesore.  People leave huge mounds of rotted, rusted garbage in their yards here.  There's a family on our street that has 2 adults and 5 cars.  Yeah, right.  Ya'll are real "green".  NOT.  Oh wait, I forgot.  There was some idiotic story in The Guardian about some British "celebrity" woman who thinks SHE'S green because she doesn't take very many showers and just "washes her bits and gets on with it."  Um.  That's not green.  That's just gross.  And Europeans wonder why Americans think they stink?  Uh, it's because most of you do.  So...environmentally friendly?  I think not.

Why do grubby dirty old men with Land Rovers and berserk border collies think everyone's business is THEIR business?  Who the heck is that man that drives around in everyone else's fields, anyway? What is going on?  Am I on some alien planet?  I think so.

Who are these people who are so wrapped up in television shows that they blog about them and post about them on Facebook?  What kind of life is that???

Why in the world do all the delivery companies think the Highlands are actually islands, and either (a) don't deliver up here, or (b) charge an arm and a leg?  Have these people ever looked at a map?  I have never had to put my car on a ferry to get to anywhere up here:  north, south, east, or west.  Again, I say, what the heck is going on?

Why on earth does everyone think that all of the Highlands can easily get to Inverness, or even WANT to get to Inverness, and if they just put whatever it is their putting in Inverness the rest of us will be happy?  I am not happy.  And frankly, I hate Inverness.  It's a smelly pit of a city.  Here's a newsflash for the Highland Council:  Spend more money on your city and less on your stupid bilingual Gaelic / English roadsigns.  I mean, come ON.  We don't know ANYBODY who speaks Gaelic only, or, for that matter, Gaelic AT ALL.  Not in this part of the Highlands.

Oh, and to the ignorant, smelly man who came by our lambs' field today with his stupid "odd job" van: You need to take a course in social skills.  You were unbelievably rude and ignorant.  I hate to inform you, but grunting went out with the Neanderthals.  Wait... I forgot... not all the Neanderthals are actually extinct / evolved / whatever.

And to all the people up here who are constantly sick and hacking:  try washing your hands, for crying out loud.  A shower or bath wouldn't hurt, either.

This was the short version of today's rant.  You can ask my dear husband if you want to hear about the open-air, long version.


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